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Just relax this summer within your home

✓  Hours from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
✓  Attention of a professional
✓  Add your favorite music
✓  Add your favorite scent

Masaje relajante

Stop wasting time traveling to the spa

Without traveling. No parking. No wait.
Our clients 
save an average of one hour per reservation when having your massage at home

1.  Contact us

Contact us on WhatsApp or phone call. Not strings attached.

2.  Choose your preferences

Tell us what you need and we will tell you the perfect solution and price adapted to you.
Choose the essence and music that you prefer.
Tell us if you wish to use an electric blanket during the session.

3.  Place and time

Make us know your place, date and hour that you need our services.

4.  Price and donations

Price with IVA included as accorded previously and invoice availability.
Furthermore, part of the purchase will be addressed to Autism charity.

Daniel martin hace massages and wellness sesion podal

My short introduction

My name is Daniel Martin, and among other things I have studied Chiromassage, Spa technician and Reflexology. 

The natural techniques, gastronomy and sports are my passion in life, and I share them with my family and friends. Some time ago, due to some familiar healthy issues, I decided to help people training myself to different areas and support with all I have through natural techniques, and looking into the successful results obtained I decided to change my path towards helping people around me and make my career out of it.

This successful results cheer me to keep working every day and enlarge my knowledge and offer them within my community. 

"Massage day is the best day"


Spa techniques and natural techniques into your home. Would you like to enjoy a massage but don’t want to go into a centre? You can contact us and have us at your house where you can enjoy a….


Following our inclusion policy we donate part of the income to the association that help people with autism called Fundación Autismo Sur in Málaga. 

We do not offer any sanitary services or any sanitary activities, as our services do not cure or diagnose any sanitary treatment and at any moment we won’t interfere with the treatment addressed by a doctor. 

Hot stones

Relaxing massage

Wood therapy

Personalized Therapy

Cupping therapy


Lymphatic drainage

Sport massage

Foot reflexology



Groups and events Massages

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

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