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Daniel Martin

My name is Daniel Martin and around 2008 I was living in London and working there; by then I was exclusively working as a chef, not long after I was the manager of a restaurant sited in the South West of London, in Richmond Upon Thames, a place that I recommend everyone to visit if you have the chance, specially the wide park, one of the oldest in London.

In 2010 some health issues began to appear in my family related to cancer, adding them to the autism diagnosis of my nephew from previous years. 

If we follow a chronology order, autism would be the first front we should refer to, and for that I should introduce to you my nephew, Jose Miguel. During his teenage stage he developed epilepsy problems, lost so much weight and contractual issues, and together with medicine and doctors we also looked into some diet changes. 

Jose Miguel improved progressively and both the epilepsy and loss of weight were relieved through time, no one said it was going to be easy or fast. 

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Moving back to the beginning of the story, in 2010 my father got cancer and passed away not long after due to the sickness. A few years later, my sister got the same kind of cancer and we knew from the beginning the outcome, the doctors gave her 6 months to live. 

Due to this situation, we tackle the circumstances to battle the illness. My wife and I decided to move back to Spain to care for my sister and nephews in the case she passed. 

I may say that thanks to a healthier lifestyle those 6 months the doctor gave us became 5 years, with quality life and strength. 

In the end, my wife and I ended up taking care of both her children moving back to Malaga.

Parallel to this situation, I dedicate my career towards changing my own lifestyle and also advise my friends and family, from a sedentary manner into a more active lifestyle at the same time as adopting a more natural and balanced nutrition. Here I found my current path to work in a meaningful way and giving people the wellness they deserve. 

I may say that part of the income from this website goes into the therapy to those who needs them the most, specifically to Fundación Autismo Sur in Malaga, to which I am grateful for them support they give with their live planning for the people diagnosed with autism, and the happiness we can see in Jose Miguel every time he goes there. 

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to all the people that have supported us during all these past tough years, to all the amazing people we met back in London and all we have met now back in Spain that keep supporting us unconditionally. Allow me to be grateful here to our great friend Simon Oxley without whom we could not have followed our dreams. 

Training and Certifications

I studied in the international school of dietetics, nutrition and health (CECAP). During the past years I have taken complementary trainings as wood therapy for the body and face, Dorn system and Breuss massage, suction cups, osteopathic manipulations, bioenergetics muscle-tendon and face, auriculotherapy, acupressure and Qigong instructor among many other techniques. As well as chef training in different healthy nutrition diets. 

I should include many other varied kinds of massages, a massage is always necessary to keep us optimised and for that reason I always recommend to my close friends recurrent lymphatic massages to keep our life quality optimum. 

My professional experience began back in London, working in some massage centres and this last year here in Málaga since I came back from the UK. 

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My philosophy

Life is too short, therefore we should take care of the most precious thing that we have, invest in ourselves and life within the present to guarantee a future wellness. 

The key points to a healthy lifestyle are to sleep well, physical activity, balance diet and emotional stability. 

With our individualized treatment we can offer the solution to most problems related to those keys, as it is known a massage helps to rest, provides life quality, raises the mood and improves your general wellness. 

With yoga practice and Qigong we achieve to overcome those ups and downs caused by anxiety and stress of today's world. 

That is the reason why we offer our services, helping also other social causes as some part of the benefits goes donated to the Fundación Autismo Sur in Málaga where they do extraordinary work with those who really need it. 

Our photographer

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